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Concert    Info

	Sugar Ray has been busy in the recording studio and so their concert
tour has been nill, but as soon as they're on the road again, I'll have a full
report for you on this page.  Until then, enjoy reading the review of their
last concert.


	The most awsome concert took place at the Hollywood Palladium Sat. March 7, 1998.
Sugar Ray, along with Incubid, Goldfinger, and Save Ferris, 
finished off their 1998 tour with a bang!  It was packed and people were
pushing their way through sweaty bodies and shoving hords to reach the
front and get a glimpse of the hottie that this page is dedicated to...
Mark McGrath. 
	Being in the middle-center, I was able to witness this hottie's greatness 
first hand, and let me tell you fellow Mark fans...he definitely looked
fantastic, sporting his classic "wife-beater" shirt, fitted black pants,and
of course those rippling muscles (I don't know how he can claim to be 
getting a beer belly.)  No one could have asked for more but of course 
Mark gave more.Singing at his best, Mark pulled off an awesome show 
(with some help from the band of course.)  The band sang some of their
best ones...RPM, Speed Home California (in dedication to finally being
back home), Cash, Rivers (from the Scream 2 soundtrack), and of course
their big hit "Fly".  The audience was even given Mark's version
of the Backstreet Boys hit "Quit Playing Games" which was more hilarious
than anything else.  And of course audience participation was required.
Mark asked some guy to go on stage and rap w/ DJ Homicide and duh...
the guy sucked...Mark PLEASE don't ever let that happen again!  Muphey
Karges even lent the Vanilla Ice riff cuz that's how bad the guy was 
(ironic that he chose that since there have been comparison's between
Mark and Vanilla. Of course I can't see the resemblence between the buff 
hottie that Mark is and the loser that Vanilla Ice has come to be, but 
even Mark has taken the joke in stride.) Although the audience member,
who will obviously never have a lucritive singing career, sucked, the concert 
was awesome, but with Mark there that's no suprise.
	He was in top form (with the exception of a slight cut above his 
right eye...awwwwwwwwwwwwwwe).I would have most definitely been willing
to take care of that for him. Mark was totally good to go even cheering on the 
smell of weed in the air and chicks stripping for him, although this 
could have been the beer talking...who knows...Unfortunately, the security was pretty 
tight so the best I can do is deliver some pix of the concert (which 
will be coming soon.) 
	Although this string of tours for Mark and Sugar Ray is done, if you
ever get the chance to see him in concert, I strongly recommend that you
grab your friends and go, just leave your mom at home.  

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