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Mark    Fact    Sheet

Now, I don't have the full 411 on Mark's life, but here's what I do 

Mark was born on March 15,1970.  

He graduated from USC, majoring in communications, and was a 
truck driver before the band found its footing.  

He's Irish Catholic and his hometown is Newport Beach, CA.  

His fav actress is Winona Ryder.

He dreamed of being a hockey player when he was younger.

His most embarrassing moment was when he missed a half-court shot 
at a Laker game, thus losing the $43,000 prize.

His dream house would be in the Hollywood Hills on Wonderland Ave.

He loves watching TV AND,

He currently has 7 tattoos:  The Rolex logo on his side right above 
his waist; the Cadillac logo on his lower back; hands praying with 
rosary beads on his right upper chest near his shoulder; a letter "M" 
on his left upper chest; a sparrow just under each shoulder; 
a shamrock on his leg; and the word "Irish" written across his back. He
is also considering future additions to his collection.

Sugar    Ray    Info

	Sugar Ray has not always been the successful group of guys we now know.  
Behind their current popularity lies a story of struggle so harsh that
the band was in danger of breaking up with members even contemplating
   In the beginning, the band, then known as the Shrinky Dinx, was mainly
a cover band playing at keg parties for drunken frats guys.  Not until
writing their first song, "Caboose," did the guys get their first break.
The song was discovered by a manager who gave it to the President of Atlantic 
Records.  The group was finally on its way, but not without hitting some
hard times first.
	After being threatened with a lawsuit from the toy company responsible
for the manufacture of Shrinky Dinx, the group changed their name to Sugar
Ray (named after the famous boxer) and began a journey towards the release of
their first album.  Unfortunately, when only 35,000 copies were sold, it 
looked as if Suagar Ray might collapse after all.
	The group moved to New York and began working on a new album, but things
weren't working out well.  The group wasn't coming up with the winning 
material they needed to turn their losing battle around.  It was during this
time that members began contemplating not only the demise of the group collectively, 
but individually as well.
	On their last straw, the group decided to try for just 10 more minutes and out of 
those few moments came the song that saved Sugar Ray.  "Fly", although
not the style the group was accustomed to, became the saving grace that
gave Sugar Ray the exposure they needed to become the success that they 
are today.  It is the song that has generated such an outpouring of support
that this band is not likely to fade away anytime soon.

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